Join M4TR

Thanks so much for checking out M4TR's music and lyrics and exploring ways to potentially get involved with the project. My name is AJ and I started M4TR in 2017.  This page shares a little history of M4TR and attempts to point the way forward. If anything below strikes a chord, let's connect.


M4TR stands for Music 4 The Revolution. At the moment, it's a solo project that was a band. But it aspires to be a collaborative musical collective of diverse songwriters and players combining talents to make meaningful music.


M4TR pairs art pop-rock with social commentary and deep lyrics on all things revolutionary - social issues, politics, technology, philosophy, spirituality... and, of course, love. I sing, play synths/piano, acoustic guitar, and keytar.


M4TR celebrates all genres but draws most heavily from danceable indie, new wave, funk, world and synth-pop that makes a live audience move. There's also some epic ballads thrown in.


M4TR’s first incarnation had a great run: 20 original songs, two EPs, two LPs,17 live shows in the DMV area with a four-piece live band, and over 183,000 streams on music services. Then COVID happened.


The first live band was tight and we had a blast. We disbanded on good terms in the wake of corona. Now, I'd like to build a line-up where everyone contributes to songs and pitches in on booking and promoting gigs. "M4TR 2.0" should shine with pure harmonies, retro-modern vibes, showmanship, on-stage visual flair, and audience participation. Ideally:

• A lead/rhythm guitarist who can sing background or lead and write lyrics or music

• A female co-lead singer who can sing lead, harmonize, play second guitar or keys and write lyrics or music

• A bass player who can sing, harmonize, play second guitar or keys and write lyrics or music (FILLED)

• A drummer that can improvise and play with or without drum loops or backing tracks


Here is the originals setlist so far - a work in progress. With covers and your original tunes thrown in, I'm sure we can create a setlist and show that generates buzz. Regarding covers and influences, in the Every Noise universe, here's where I hang out most: permanent wave, dance-rock, art rockbritpop and alternative dance. (Click links to see artists.)

If all this sounds like something you'd be into, let's connect. Just let me know your commitment level upfront. If you want to play gigs for a while and move on, totally cool. If things are really clicking, let's explore a deeper collaboration. Whatever works for you.


I have good relations with local musicians, venues, studios, and booking agents (Jammin Java, Union Stage, Pieshop, Pearl Street, Songbyrd, 7DrumCity). Working together, we can build a kick-ass series of shows quickly.

M4TR needs members who get Instagram, YouTube, etc. and are active on social media to spread the word. At the moment, M4TR's online visuals (Spotify, Instagram) suggest this is a "solo act" but once people are locked in, I want to flip those visuals to "M4TR is a musical collective of friends" after a few rehearsals and shows. 

Drop me a line at:


aj [at] m4tr [dot] band


Tell me about you, your musical journey, your influences, and your goals. INCLUDE LINKS. After that, we'll set up a call or a VC.

Maybe we can conjure up a little magic, cross new boundaries and spark another revolution.