The members of M4TR are looking for additional musicians who would like to record and play live in our project. Currently, M4TR  comprises four members on rhythm guitar, keys / piano, bass and drums with two on vocals. We'd love to meet:


  • lead guitarists who sing

  • Singers who play guitar or keys

  • horns players

  • any of the above who are also songwriters


We play about 60% originals and 40% covers all of which have some kind of social or political core. We've got songs on immigration, women's empowerment, climate action, pipeline fights, runaway social media, acting as young as you feel, certain individuals not qualified to be president and never giving up hope.


we'd love to meet other artists who can bring other talents and perspectives to our mix. reach out through the contact form and include some links of your work. we'll be in touch...


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